AECT Qualitative Inquiry Award

AECT has honored me with the 2019 Qualitative Inquiry Award for my phenomenological work on connectedness in personal learning networks. I will be accepting the award at the AECT International Convention in Las Vegas on October 22, 2019. At the convention, I will also be facilitating a roundtable discussion with my colleagues Angel Pazurek, Mark Vagle, and Keri Valentine.

The roundtable discussion shares inspiring studies of lived experiences with technologies that illustrate the growth of phenomenology from descriptive to interpretive to postmodern. As a promising innovative research methodology, post-intentional phenomenology offers scholars a new lens for glimpsing fleeting phenomena in tech-mediated spaces. This session is intended for attendees who are interested in learning more about phenomenological research in educational communications and technologies, with a special focus on discussing post-intentional phenomenology as a philosophy and methodology.

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