Equity & Diversity Breakfast


The day started out early with my colleagues in Curriculum & Instruction at the Equity and Diversity Breakfast. The Gallery of Excellence displayed posters of recent research and projects addressing issues of equity and diversity. Awards, spoken word poetry, and a closing message from President Kaler. A nice way to start the day.

Find out more about the award recipients at the Office for Equity and Diversity.

OED Breakfast

The Power of an Hour

#hackertime day 3: working on theme and menu in a dedicated block of time.

LT Dojo today in the LT Media Lab. Topic of the recent AECT international conference was discussed along with all of the LT presentations. Thank you to Hui, Jayden, Jennifer, and Angel. #LTrockstars!


Girls Just Wanna Hack Fun!

#hackertime day 2: working on my rusty html skills while hacking with these fabulous ladies and benji 🙂 It might be the vitamin D I’ve started taking for winter, but been feeling like heel clicking this week… good books, good coffee, good friends, good work.